Cambridge Road Methodist

Birmingham Methodist Circuit

The Methodist Church is split up for organisation and mission purposes into groups of churches, these are called circuits, they vary in size from a couple of churches all the way up to big circuits containing many churches. Ours is one of the bigger circuits, formed in 2011 from several small circuits and the Birmingham Central Mission.

Birmingham Methodist Circuit is a collection of thirty seven Methodist churches, with over three thousand members, based in the city of Birmingham in the UK. Their website can be found by following this link:

We are part of the international Methodist Church, you can find out more about the Methodist Church by following this link.

Our vision statement is: "To be a Methodist presence, centred in Birmingham, transformed by Jesus Christ, embodying God’s love, justice and peace, for all."

Our mission statement is: "The resourcing of Methodist people centred in and around Birmingham for effective evangelism, faithful discipleship, compassionate service and transforming worship within the wider community."