Cambridge Road Methodist

Cambridge Road Methodist church is currently closed for worship.

When we reopen if you wish to attend you MUST pre-book and have read the 'congregation briefing', details of which can be found here.

If you would like to read our full risk assessment then please click here.

What will church be like?

A lot of work has gone into planning how we can worship together in church and still keep each other safe. This means it will be quite different from what we are used to.

It is a lot to take in, so please ask if you have any questions.

We will have a steward to assist you on arrival, please listen carefully to what they ask of you. It may be necessary for you to wait outside prior to entering the building.

There are hand sanitiser dispensers in the building. Please use them upon entry, exit and throughout your stay with us.

There is a one way system in place in the cafe area. Please do not congregate in the cafe area and obey the markings/ signs.

There is also a one way system in place in the toilet corridor. Please only enter the toilet corridor from the sanctuary. Once you have used the toilets please walk down the corridor into the cafe area.

It will be lovely to see each other, but please remember not to shake hands or hug and please observe 2 metres social distancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do when I come in?

Make sure you are wearing a mask, correctly positioned to cover your nose and mouth. If you have forgotten your mask, we will have a supply which you can use.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you come in.

We are required to complete a register of everyone attending our service for Track & Trace purposes, so we will take your details as you arrive. There is also a QR code displayed that you can scan.

The offering will not be taken up during the service; instead please leave your offering in the collection plate as you enter the sanctuary.

Where can I sit?

A steward will help you find a seat. Chairs have been placed in order to obey social distancing. Please do not move them unless directed by a steward.

Please do not sit with anyone who is not in your household.

Can I hang up my coat?

No, the cloakroom will be closed. Please keep your coat and any other personal possessions with you.

NB We are required to have some doors and windows open throughout the service to maintain adequate airflow, so it may well be quite chilly in the church as we move into Autumn. You may want to wear warm clothes!

Should I pick up a hymn book?

No—sadly we will not be able to sing, as research indicates that singing accelerates the spread of the virus. But we are still able to listen to hymns and other music and we can sing along in our heads!

What if I am doing a reading/ speaking from the front?

We will keep this to a minimum, but if you are doing a reading in the service, please bring your own Bible or printed copy of the reading and take it home with you afterwards.

Please stand at the microphone (and not in the pulpit) to read. You will need to wear your mask when walking to and from the lectern, but once you are standing there you may remove it to read.

Will we be having Holy Communion?

Not at this stage; this is currently under review. More information will follow

How long will the service last?

The service will last a maximum of 30—40 minutes.

Can I use the toilet?

Yes. There is a one way system in place in the toilet corridor. Please only enter the toilet corridor from the sanctuary. Once you have used the toilets please walk down the corridor into the cafe area. Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after use. Anyone using the toilet is asked to use the cleaner provided to wipe down any surfaces that they have touched—door handles, flush button, toilet seat and taps.

What if I feel unwell?

Please do not come to church if you feel at all unwell. If you are taken ill during the service please make yourself known to a steward immediately.

What happens at the end of the service?

There will be no refreshments served. Please do not congregate in the cafe area, using it only to move through and exit the building. Please keep your mask on and take care to remain at least two metres from others until you are outside.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use as you exit.

Please disperse quickly as you leave and do not stay and chat.